How I work

I want to help you design your ultimate interior. We spend 70% of time at home so it is important that you are surrounded in what makes you feel good. My role is to understand how you and your family want to live and feel in the spaces of your home. Curating a unique and idyllic retreat for you and your family to grow and live in is where I can help.

Getting to know you and your family, your lifestyle, decor taste and how you want your home to function is key to creating a fantastic result.

The process starts off with a conversation (ideally at the location of the project) to get a full brief of what you want to do, why you want to do the work and your level of investment. At this point, this is an in depth chat, this also helps give you a feel for me and how I work and vice versa.

Cost: $240 (up to 2 hours)

From here a scope of work and fee proposal will be prepared and sent to back to you for consideration. If you are happy to proceed, then a contract agreement will be drawn up and we can begin the first stage of the project.